Altar of Love

love altar

My Love Altar is complete and I am LOVING it! 😉

July’s Full Moon was the first day I danced, drummed, meditated, sang and prayed in front of it. I bedecked the table the love altar sits at with beautiful white things: shells, elephants, albino peacock feathers, my white jade cicada necklace, selenite wand and a white plate with a ram on it to honor the Lord of the Wild Things. I also painted a praying woman statue white and adorned her with red coral, white pearls and a red rose crown to be the Goddess of Love. The heart picture itself is a collage I made within a large shallow wooden box. The sides of it are painted with stripes of white and black.

love goddesswild things

The color white has been calling to me this year on my new Love Path. I’ve had night journeys of meeting with women who sang and danced healing songs. We wore flowing white garments that swayed with our bodies in song. I want to trade in all of my clothes for white ones in honor of unconditional love, in honor of the White Goddess, in honor of this power we all have to choose love everyday.

When I sit in front of my altar the red heart sings out to me in overwhelming pulses of pure emotion. I want to live my life more fully on this path. Life has a way of presenting me with what I need to learn and making sure I know what it is I need to do. For example, lately I have been confronted with a shadow person from my past who represented fear for me. I have had to face the idea that I must also love him too on some spiritual level.

I’ve been reading Mahatma Gandhi and Eckhart Tolle. I’ve been allowing my inner spirit to rest fully this July in absence of school work. I’ve been painting up a storm and singing with my new band. I’ve been trying to spend quality time with my family and our garden. I’ve been learning about religions I don’t know much about like the Baha’i faith and the Trappists. I’ve been collecting statues from any spiritual systems I can find and sleeping in hammocks under the bright stars. What a blessed summer..

Although I still identify as a Pagan/Wiccan, I know this is just an external label I feel called to seek wisdom and lovely mystery from in this life. The ancient energies of earth and of our ancestors still whisper wonders to me, Great Goddess still cradles me in Her arms, but I know that the Great Divine is an Infinite Spirit… and I open myself to it all. My Love Altar is a symbol of what flows through all of existence and connects everything.

May you seek love in everything and your heart be full because it is open to the Infinite…


7 thoughts on “Altar of Love

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  2. Keep asking yourself pertinent questions, everything you want to know already lies within you. But I know that you already know that my wonderful friend. Blessings and light to you, and may love shine its bright torch for you with every breath.


  3. A wonderful altar of Love, I am really touched and inspired.

    Thank you, in complete love and trust!
    Greet from Germany
    Witch Lilian

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